November 16, 2011

Andrew’s List

Andrew’s List


There are a ton of things that I want to do before I go home.  The list is growing each day as my mind continues to expand.  Here are some of the things that tickle my fancy.

  • Go Skydiving
  • Coach a lacrosse team to a championship
  • Roadtrip across America in an RV
  • Own my own island
  • Build a school in South America
  • Visit Australia
  • Kill an elk
  • Be free with my family
  • Live in another country for a time
  • See the Alamo
  • Die broke
  • Learn to fly fish with dad

About the author

Andrew is rogue web designer. Do we know what that means? No, but it sounds post modern. Andrew taught himself all he knows, which should be obvious if you have seen some of his work. He is most proud of is engagement to his lovely girlfriend Rachael (it took a few hours of convincing but she finely said yes). Other than sipping mocha lattes his favorite thing to do is take long walks with his favorite dog, Hudson.